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New Listings section updated Monday, Jan 16, 2017. (1) set left of Union Terminal Imports New York Central EMD E-7A/A - see photos below. Our Regular Business Hours are 9 AM to 4 PM Eastern Monday - Friday. All visits are by appointment only.

12/29/16 From The Coach Yard... We are investigating doing a series of Union Pacific "betterment" cars :

TCY1300.1 - UP 500-523 - modernized HW Coach in ttg
TCY1300.2 - UP 500-523 - modernized HW Coach in yel/gray
TCY1301.1 - UP 570-595 - modernized HW double vestibule Coach in TTG
TCY1301.2 - UP 570-595 - modernized HW double vestibule Coach in yel/gray
TCY1302.1 - UP 1530-38 - modernized HW Dorm Club, in yel/gray
TCY1303.1 - UP 4608,08,11,13 - modernized Diner, in yel/gray
TCY1304.1 - UP 4050-4054 - modernized HW Buffet Lounge, in yel/gray
TCY1306.1 - UP 525-545 - modernized HW single vestible Coach, in TTG
TCY1306.2 - UP 525-545 - modernized HW single vestible Coach, in yel/gray

get your reservations in to give us a good indication You want  these cars made.

Next up - the Baldwin 2-8-8-2's are scheduled for February 2017, than the UP-Wabash "City of St. Louis" and the UP "Los Angeles Limited" - both in Two-tone gray !

Have you reserved your UP M-10002 City of Los Angeles ? How about the M-10004 City of San Francisco ?  There will be only 15 sets produced of each train set.

Effective immediately (6/1/16), The Caboose no longer accepts American Express.

We still have availability of Division Point's New Haven one of a kind Osgood Bradley rebuilt 1000 car. Contact us for details.

The Coach Yard has announced 5 new train productions with reservations due by July 2016. These include the NYC "Pacemaker", PRR coach trains "The Trail Blazer" & "The Jeffersonian" due for delivery in for 2017 & PRR sleeper trains "The General" & "The Spirit of St. Louis" due in 2018. PDF links for details can be found below by clicking on each train name. Contact us to reserve yours today.

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